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Vera Sells Flat Tummy Tea, Huddah Sells Libido Booster For Men! Huddah Monroe Opens Up On Her New Hustle

Huddah Monroe has ventured into a new business of selling libido booster for men, she had initially invested heavy in cosmetic business.

The petite socialite launched her lipstick brand ‘Huddah Cosmetics’ in 2016 and now she is expanding her business portfolio.

Huddah recently announced that she is now selling supplements that treat common men’s sexual health issues like low libido.

The socialite asked her male fans who are suffering from low libido to contact her privately as she had a solution for them.

“If you are a man and have low LIBIDO and want a high sex drive. NEED SPERM VITALITY. Increase your stamina. DM me even with a fake page. I’ll send you a package you sort that issue out …. YOU TOO MUST ENJOY SEX. HUNNAY!”

Huddah seems to be a jack of all trade. She is doing everything to earn money.

She confessed that she used to live beyond her means just to show off on social media but now she is smart.

‚ÄĚI had a 5 bedroom house and I only lived in 1 room. And never ever used my 2 living rooms‚Ķ Filled with things I didn‚Äôt need. Clothes I never wore. Shoes I never needed. Just for show on these IG streets,” wrote Huddah.

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