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Utakua Mama Wa Kambo? Lillian Muli’s US Boyfriend Introduces His Son (Photos)

Lillian Muli’s American lover Papaa Biggy marked a special occasion on Tuesday, April 30th: his son’s birthday.

This event took on added significance due to Papaa Biggy’s love relationship with the Kenyan media personality.

Using his Instagram platform, Papaa Biggy shared a heartwarming post, featuring a photo of his son, accompanied by the endearing caption: “Happy birthday, SON-shine!”


Lillian Muli and Papa Biggy’s burgeoning relationship first captured public attention a few weeks back, as glimpses of their romance surfaced on their respective Instagram profiles.

Sources suggest that their connection blossomed against the vibrant backdrop of the Raha Fest, a cultural celebration headlined by the Nigerian sensation Davido on March 30, 2024.


However, the confirmation of their romantic involvement arrived through a viral video, showcasing Papaa Biggy and Lillian Muli sharing an intimate moment in a car.


Recently, Muli underscored their relationship’s depth by sharing a candid video on her Instagram feed, showcasing unabashed displays of affection with her partner.

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