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Truth About Amber Ray, Rapudo Being Kicked Out Of Kilimani Apartment For Failing To Pay Rent 

Amber Ray admits they moved out of Ksh270,000 a month apartment in Kilimani but not because of rent arrears.

It had earlier been reported that Amber Ray and Rapudo were evicted from the Kilimani duplex apartment due to pending rent arrears.

Addressing the rumours, Amber Ray explained that she moved out following the initial breakup with Rapudo after he assaulted her. 

She added that Rapudo also moved out because it didn’t make sense for him to live in the 5-bedroom Kilimani apartment alone.

“Ken and I separated because of our differences, not because we couldn’t keep our house afloat, and it certainly wasn’t a clout chase, I do not clout chase especially not with personal matters. The rent was never an issue. I moved out mid-month, and Ken did a while after. It wouldn’t make sense for him to live in a 5-bedroom house alone,” Amber Ray said.

The mother two stressed that Rapudo and her have never been kicked out due to rent arrears as they have always been capable of paying for their houses.

“The rent for both our current apartments combined far exceeds the rent we used to pay in that house. So we never had arrears, and we were not kicked out,” she said.

Amber Ray and Rapudo are however back together after having separated on grounds of physical assault from the latter.

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