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Thee Pluto Slams Netizen Who Claimed He Will Be Dumped Like Baha

Netizens have predicted that Thee Pluto is next person to get dumped after Tyler Mbaya.

Thee Pluto had reacted to the viral story of Georgina Njenga confirming that she was no longer with Tyler and that she had moved on, when netizens trolled him.

The content creator reacted with a broken heart emoticon. Here are some of the responses that his comment attracted.

“Thee Pluto you are next,” Only Brian said

“Unaona Georgina ameendea the rela baba mtoi so next ni Felicity anaendea the real baba be ready kukuwa kama hio emojji umepost,” he added.

Responding to the comment, the Pluto clapped back at the troll saying that he doesn’t have a mind totally.

“Ulipewa kichwa kubebea mate ukanyimwa akili,” the father of two said.

Georgina Njega is however trending after confirming that she is no longer Tyler Mbaya who acted as Baha in popular TV series Machachari.

The mother of one made the revelation during an interaction with fans on Instagram.

“A lot of you guys are asking this question(her relationship with Baha). This is the last time am gonna answer. We broke up. Am in a new relationship with my new man,” Njenga said adding that, ” This is a different kind of love. I never new such love existed tbh. I am in a good place.”

Following the confession, a section of netizens have concluded that Andrew Kibe was right when he warned Baha about Georgina.

In his warning, Kibe asked Tyler to open his mind, noting that Georgina will go after other men once she stops breastfeeding.

“Amekaliwa. Wanaume ikishafika level kama hio start running. This is going to come and bite you in the hands unfortunately. You are not married, hii kitu umeenda ukachukuwa ni slippers. A woman who is willing to expose herself like this is mannerless. At some point she is going to expose herself to us, beyond this. Tunangja tu apate mtoi maziwa iwache kutoka,” Kibe said while reacting to a video of Baha and Georgina dancing.



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