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The Rise And Rise Of Khaligraph: From Scoring D+ In KCSE, To Wanting To Kill Himself And Eventually A Millionaire

Khaligraph would have died a poor man if excelling in school means being rich in future.

The rapper didn’t do well in school, and had a tough upbringing but he defied all odds to make it in life.

Khaligraph revealed heartbreaking details of his troubled past in his album called Invisible Currency which was released in March 2022.

The rapper’s album features 17 songs including collaborations with Adasa, Prince Indah, Blackway, Mejja, Ali Kiba, Kev the Topic, Scar Mkadinali and Xenia Manasseh.

Khaligraph revealed intimate details about his past in the song ‘Maombi Ya Mama’ – a five minute long song featuring female artist Adasa.

The Kayole raised rapper revealed that all of his relatives gave his family the cold shoulder after his parents got broke.

The financial difficulty saw Khaligraph’s family move back to their rural home in Bondo, Siaya county. The rapper found life in upcountry quite tough as his parents had no income at all.

Khaligraph said he knew education would help him escape poverty, he aspired to join university and graduate.

However, he dropped out of school for three years due to lack of fees. He returned to school and when he sat for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination he failed, scoring D+ mean grade.

Khaligraph’s misfortunes didn’t end there, many members of his family died making him wonder whether he would survive.

The rapper’s own father died after suffering from diabetes and blood pressure. Khaligraph attributed his dad’s illnesses to stress brought about by lack of finances.

Khaligraph Jones contemplated committing suicide as he got tired of living life in abject poverty. He didn’t see hope in the horizon.

However, the rapper said that his mother’s prayers as well as his own were crucial in rescuing him from sudden death.

He thanked God in his song for having granted him the will to survive and ultimately for his career which pulled him from the jaws of poverty.

At the moment Khaligraph is one of the richest musicians in Kenya. He owns about 14 personal vehicle and is currently building a super huge mansion

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