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“My Love!” Stevo Simple Boy Snubs Pritty Vishy After Meeting Each Other

Stevo Simple Boy refused to shake hands with his ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy after they met recently.

There’s new drama between Stevo Simple Boy and his ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy as the budding rapper reportedly refused to greet her during an unexpected visit. The duo, who have been engaged in a public spat since their breakup, showcased their animosity when Pritty Vishy attempted to extend an olive branch.

Pritty Vishy seemed like she was wooing Stevo Simple Boy, presumably to mend fences or perhaps seek closure even calling him “My Love!” However, what was meant to be a civil encounter turned frosty as the “Freshi Barida” hitmaker declined to shake hands with his ex-girlfriend.

The public fallout between the two escalated after their breakup, with Stevo Simple Boy publicly saying that Pritty Vishy was not his type.

Pritty Vishy on the other hand, divulged that their relationship had been casual rather than romantic, citing Stevo’s shyness as a barrier to deeper connection, even going as far as claiming she cheated during their three-year relationship.

Pritty Vishy, shedding light on the dynamics of their past, clarified that the musician had introduced her to his family, but the nature of their relationship remained ambiguous and misunderstood.

Despite the apparent tension in the latest video, Stevo Simple Boy seems resolute in not succumbing to the drama, in his mind so sure that Pritty Vishy is seeking clout and attention, something he is not willing to provide again.


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