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Stevo Simple Boy Reveals He’s Ready With 100K Dowry To Marry Betty Kyallo

“Amsheni huyu kijana atajikojolea!” Netizens say as Stevo claims he’s planning to wife Betty Kyallo officially.

Stevo Simple Boy recently made headlines when he disclosed that he had set aside a substantial amount of money for the dowry of Betty Kyalo. Speaking for the first time in an interview, the rapper revealed that he spent over 160,000 Kenyan shillings on his appearance during an outing with Betty Kyalo.

During the interview, Stevo shared that his shoes alone cost him 40,000 shillings, while his clothes totaled 125,000 shillings. He explained that he willingly spent such a significant amount of money out of his genuine affection for Kyalo. “My attire cost me a lot of money. The coat, trousers, and tie alone amounted to 125,000. The shoes alone cost 40,000. So, the total came to 165,000,” Stevo elaborated on the calculations.

Stevo revealed that Betty Kyalo was taken aback and impressed when she first saw him in his stylish attire. “Betty was surprised; she asked me if I had been waiting for her in all these clothes. I dressed up for her,” he added.

However, Stevo also opened up about his main reason for taking Betty Kyalo out to dinner. He expressed, “I wanted to show Betty Kyallo my love. It was just the beginning of my affection for her, and if we continue, she will receive genuine love from me.”

“We had planned to meet our families first, and then arrange for a wedding. But she asked me to give her some time, and she will give me an answer. Betty made me happy by talking; she’s just fine. She’s humorous, and I’m humorous too, so we got along well,” he continued.

Stevo’s gesture towards Betty Kyalo has captured the attention of many, showcasing his commitment and affection towards her.


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