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Stevo Simple Boy Claims He Died For A Short Time And Then Resurrected

“Nilikua mgonjwa hadi nikafariki but kwa neema za Mungu, nikafufuka!” Stevo Simple Boy says.

In a recent candid conversation with YouTuber Trudy Kitui, Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy shared a deeply personal revelation about his life. The artist disclosed that he had experienced a temporary death during a severe illness before being miraculously resurrected by God.

Trudy Kitui who delves into the personal lives of celebrities in her interviews, asked Stevo about the impact of his upbringing on his mental health. In response, Stevo chose to narrated a life changing event that not only shed light on his resilience but also added a spiritual dimension to his narrative.

The rapper recounted the harrowing experience of facing a severe illness that led to a momentary cessation of life when he was a child. He described the sensation of being on the brink of death, an encounter that could have easily marked the end of his journey.

However, in what he described as a miraculous turn of events, Stevo Simple Boy was revived, given a second chance at life.

Stevo’s journey through these shadows of mortality has undoubtedly influenced his perspective on life, resilience, and the importance of mental well-being.

In a society where mental health remains a stigmatized topic, Stevo’s openness about his struggles and near-death experience is a powerful message.


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