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“Nateseka! Nimekuwa Nikilala Njaa” Stevo Simple Boy Appeals For Help After Wife Exposes His Suffering

Stevo Simple Boy is suffering and his manager Vaga is to blame according to the rapper’s wife.

Stevo Simple Boy has left netizens in shock after he made the courageous decision to expose the mistreatment he has endured from his management team, led by Vaga. He bravely shared his experiences of being taken advantage of and feeling like a mere commodity under their control.

Despite being a highly renowned artist with multiple hit songs, Simple Boy continues to struggle with poverty, which contradicts the expectations of many Kenyans who assume he would be living a lavish lifestyle.

Simple Boy revealed that initially, everything seemed to be going well. However, he soon found himself subjected to mistreatment and torture by his management team, specifically Vaga.

The team would negotiate his shows without involving him and he was only paid a meager monthly sum of Ksh. 30,000, which is grossly underpaid considering he often performs more than four times a month, with a rate card no less than Ksh. 100,000.

The management would pocket the remaining money.

Stevo expressed his struggle to make ends meet, sharing that he has experienced times of going to bed hungry.

He attributed his lack of recent show performances to his manager’s actions.

Stivo Simple Boy's Wife Grace Atieno Opens Up About Seducing HimIn a surprising revelation, Simple Boy’s wife disclosed that the manager even has access to Simple Boy’s personal bank account and savings.

This invasion of privacy has left Simple Boy feeling controlled and mistreated. He has long been afraid to expose his management, opting to suffer silently as they battle with poverty.

Despite wearing a cheerful facade, Simple Boy is, in reality, a famous individual living in financial hardship, while his management prospers.

All of Simple Boy’s social media accounts are under the manager’s control, depriving him of any privacy.

The manager has invaded Simple Boy’s personal life and continuously monitors his every move, to the extent that Simple Boy cannot go anywhere without seeking permission first.

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