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Socialite Naihuddah Escapes Narrowly After Phone Blows Up While Charging

Naihuddah says,”Jamani mnapoweka simu kwenye chaji muwe nazo makini!”

Naihuddah had a harrowing experience when her mobile phone exploded while it was being charged.

She took to her social media page to share the alarming news and issued a cautionary message to her followers, urging them to exercise caution when charging their devices.

Through her social media platform Instagram, Naihuddah shared the distressing incident and warned her fans to be vigilant.

She emphasized the importance of handling electronic devices, especially during the charging process, with care to avoid potentially life-threatening situations.

In her post, Naihuddah said, “Jamani mnapoweka simu kwenye chaji muwe nazo makini, msije hatarisha maisha yenu, leo mngesikia mengine, simu ilitaka kunirudisha nyuma hii leo, kuweni makini na hizi simu jamani!!!! Mungu wangu Asanteeee!!”

While the exact cause of the phone explosion remains unknown, such incidents can occur due to various factors, including faulty chargers, damaged batteries, or overheating.

People are normally encouraged to use original chargers provided by the manufacturer, avoid overcharging, and keep an eye on their devices while they are charging to detect any irregularities early.


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