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Size 8, DJ Mo And Ringtone End All Hostilities After Ugly Confrontation At Panari Hotel

Ringtone had been harbouring ill feelings toward Size 8 and DJ Mo after the celebrity couple chased him from their event on February 13 this year.

DJ Mo clashed with Ringtone when his wife Size 8 was launching her new album at Panari Hotel.

Ringtone was thrown out of the facility for slamming Size 8 who chased him from the pulpit while dedicating her album to God together with other pastors.

DJ Mo had Ringtone dragged out of the event at Panari hotel and thrown out of the facility like a common thief.

Ringtone had been beefing with Size 8 and DJ Mo ever since they embarrassed him at their function.

However, the three are once again in good terms after ended all hostilities that they haboured towards each other.

Size 8 confirmed her husband and her are currently in good terms with Ringtone while speaking during an interview with Presenter Ali.

“Ahh hio iliisha na tukamaliza unajua sisi wote ni Wakristo tunapendana. I don’t think Ringtone hana shida na sisi na sisi hatuna shida na yeye,” said Size 8.

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