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“Sisi Ni Wanaume Lakini Tunakulana” Jude Magambo Introduces His Lover

Jude Magambo says his parents support him and he’s taking his lover Josh to Meru for dowry negotiations.

The couple while speaking to blogger Commentator revealed they were actually smashing each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. Jude Magambo says his lover is cute and he used to tag him a lot on TikTok. “Ni mali safi” he adds laughing sheepishly.

The other man, Welly Josh agrees that their love is real and that he does not have any feelings towards women.

Following his declaration of love for Thee Pluto, Jude Magambo has become popular on social media and websites. In an interview with digital media outlets, he admitted that Pluto should give him some thought since he is certain that he can serve him nicer than his lady.

Jude Magambo

When Pluto saw the video, he instructed Jude to cease mentioning him  to avoid damaging his reputation. He needs to seek out something useful to accomplish. Felicity, Thee Pluto’s girlfriend, spoke to him as well and cautioned him to keep away from her boyfriend.

Jude Magambo

Jude, who uses the moniker Manzi wa Meru, revealed in a different interview that he regrets how others perceive his sexual orientation. He emphasized loudly that he is gay and that everyone should understand that love is love.

Jude Magambo

Despite feeling awful about Pluto’s rejection, he decided to accept it. He claimed that because he is just like a girl, males should not be afraid to approach him. He urged people to quit criticizing individuals who are doing well in life and instead pay attention to their enterprises.

gay kenyans


Welly JoshJude Magambo has found a man for himself finally, although the two have been talking, they’ve not been physically together for long. Jude’s parents are okay with his queer choice and he will surely take his lover to Meru.


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