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Simon Kabu Utterly Shocked As He Is Robbed In London 

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu was puzzled after he was robbed in London where petty theft was thought to be nonexistent.

Kabu lost his valuables after thieves broke into his car in London which was parked on the street.

Narrating his ordeal on social media, the Bonfire Adventures CEO said that the thieves smashed the vehicle’s rear window and made away with one of his luggage.

The robbers took away Kabu’s bag that contained valuables of unknown value and left the boot open.

He said that he left his car in the parking lot and went to a restaurant with friends to have dinner.

“I was thinking such incidents happen only in Nairobi. Today I have seen a lot. It has now dawned on me that such robbery incidents happen all over the world,” Simon Kabu said in the video.

His wife Sarah Kabu commented on the post and hoped that the thugs did not steal all their gifts.

“I hope they have not stolen all our gifts,” she wrote.


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