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“Si Pole Basi!” Karen Nyamu Replies To Edday Nderitu’s Fans

“Sisi tuko kwa nothing but prayers!” A fan of Edday Nderitu tells Karen Nyamu.

Karen Nyamu has two children with Samidoh, and a while back, she hinted at some problems in their romantic relationship. She talked about a complicated situation involving another woman, Edday Nderitu, who is like a co-wife to Samidoh.

During a live session on social media, Karen Nyamu shared her feelings and talked about the difficulties in her relationship with Samidoh. She mentioned that even though she prays for guidance, there’s still a lack of peace in her situation.

Nyamu explained, “I prayed to God in a special way, asking for children. Their dad loves them and has other children he cares about. He also loves another woman. I asked God to handle that situation, and maybe the other woman (Edday) was also praying and crying from her heart.”

Karen Nyamu also pointed out that Edday Nderitu, who is Samidoh’s wife and the mother of his three children, has shown signs that she might not come back.

Edday moved to the United States in April with her three children, and they are now living there with Samidoh’s cousin, Bernice Saroni.

Nyamu expressed her hopes for a solution that makes everyone involved happy.

She said, “We have not given up on the other side, and we are hoping things will work out on the other side since there is no joy. As much as I am happy that my children have their dad, being with the man I love is not very good if the other side (Edday) is not there. We are all believers, and we know our situations are in safe hands.”

In a recent online talk, people reacted as Karen Nyamu responded to a fan of Edday who commented on her post saying, “Sisi tuko kwa nothing but prayers!” Karen Nyamu replied, “Ata sisi”

Karen has on many times shown she’s not insecure and is always willing to share her love for Samidoh.karen nyamu nyamu


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