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She Was Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison! 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Kajala Masanja 

Kajala Masanja is among a handful of Tanzanian celebs who have served time in prison after a brush with the law, she was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Kajala was born on 22 July 1980 and has been a national figure in Tanzania ever since she started starring in Bongo movies.

The mother of one shot to fame across East Africa when she started dating Harmonize in November 2020. They had a dramatic breakup in April 2021.

Harmonize has been trying to win back Kajala by all means, making headlines across the region thanks to his desparate reunion bid.

How much do we really know about Kajala? Well, below are interesting facts about the Bongo actress:

1. Her real name is Winfrida Kajala Masanja

2. Kajala gave birth to her daughter Paula Majani when she was only 19 years old.

3. Kajala is a high school dropout.

4. In her youthful years, Kajala used to flee from her parents’ house even for a week.

5. Kajala’s mother and father both served in Tanzania police force.

6. Kajala was raised in a Catholic family and she wanted to be a nun. She enrolled in a convent but dropped out because of health issues.

7. Kajala married legendary Tanzanian music producer P funk Majani who is the father of her daughter Paula. She However walked out of her marriage because of domestic violence.

8. Kajala married Faraji Chambo – a former banker – in a church wedding after breaking up with her baby daddy Majani.

9. Kajala is still legally married to Faraji Chambo even though they went their separate ways. She is yet to officially file for divorce.

10. High Court on December 4th 2013 sentenced Kajala and her ex husband Faraji Chambo to serve 21-years custodian sentence for conspiracy, money laundering and illegal transfer of property corruptly obtained.

11. Kajala served one year in prison after was found guilty of conspiring with her ex husband Faraji Chambo to sell a house illegally. Her husband had been charged with money laundering.

12. After Kajala was sentenced by court for conspiring with her husband Faraji Chambo to sell a house illegally, her bail was set at Tsh13 million. Court had initially fined the couple Tsh226 million for their crimes.

13. Wema Sepetu helped raise money to pay the bail for Kajala to be released from prison.

14. Kajala has a tattoo of Wema Sepetu’s name. She got the tattoo after being released from prison.

15. Currently Kajala is not in good terms with Wema Sepetu even though the latter is the one who got her out of prison.

16. In August 2016, The Court of Appeal (Tanzania’s highest court) acquitted Faraji Chambo and Kajala Masanja.

Justices Bernard Luanda, Batuel Mmilla and Richard Mziray ruled in favour of the couple after allowing grounds of appeal against the findings given by the High Court on December 4, 2013. They found that the evidence viewed as a whole did not prove the prosecution’s case beyond reasonable doubt.

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