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Shakib Refers To His Wife Zari As ATM Machine And President Of The Streets

Shakib Lutaaya has heaped praises on his wife Zari causing mixed reactions among netizens.

In a video that was shared by Wasafi FM, Shakib referred to Zari as ATM machine, president of the streets among other titles that have raised eyebrows.

The duo were seen relaxing outside a mansion.

“Zari the boss lady, president of the streets. Ambassador of the ghetto, voice of the money, the best of East Africa, the frontline commander, ATM machine the original copy, the brother from another mother the king kong superman, yes you are the king kong superman,” Shakib said as Zari burst into a laughter.

Their relationship has been under the public’s scrutiny because of the huge difference in their age.

Despite that, Zari and Shakib defied all odds and settled down as husband and wife during this¬† year’s Ramadhan.

In July, they however made headlines when Zari referred to Shakib as ‘Fala.’ This was made public after her fall out with a UK promoter known as Lady Naa. Zari failed to show up for her white party as planned forcing the promoter to air her dirty linen in public.

Defending herself, Zari however said she was just watching out for Shakib.

“I was merely watching out for my spouse, alerting a friend or someone I believed to be a friend… And it’s always women that (do that), and she gives the impression that this is my first time doing this,” the mother of five said.

“Love will have you looking stupid. But pride could have you miss out on something you’ll never find again!” Shakib reacted to the whole drama on the other hand.




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