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Senator Crystal Asige: I Dumped My Boyfriend Because He Couldn’t Cope With My Fame, Success After Senate Nomination 

Nominated senator-cum-musician Crystal Asige, who sued Sauti Sol, now says she has no regrets about dumping her boyfriend.

Asige was nominated by the ODM party to the Senate in September 2022 to represent people living with disabilities (PLWDs).

After securing the nomination, Asige broke up with her boyfriend as he couldn’t cope with her newfound fame.

The nominated senator opened up about her failed relationship during a candid interview with TV47.

“There are so many toxic people out there. Sometimes men get insecure and they need to style up,” she said.

Despite her ex’s struggles, Crystal insisted that he continues to reach out to her, even though she chooses not to return his calls.

“I prefer breakups face to face. I want you to be man enough to face me and explain why,” she said.

Navigating the dating scene post-breakup, Crystal Asige revealed that she now finds herself on blind dates.

“It’s interesting because I still have to see what someone looks like because I love a certain type of guy,” Asige said.

Even though physical appearance is important to her, the ODM nominated senator insisted that she values qualities more.

“My type of man is kind, someone who wants to understand my world, how I live, but then also tall, dark and handsome ni kawaida,” she explained.

The Mombasa-raised singer-songwriter burst into the limelight as the first lady of Sauti Sol’s premium label, Sol Generation.

However, towards the end of 2019, the singer and the award-winning group decided to part ways.

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