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“Sasa Ntasaidia Mtu Hataki Kusaidika?” Trevor Says Stevo Simple Boy Refused His Help 

It seems Stevo Simple Boy is happy living in poverty in the Kibera slums since he turned down a generous offer by Director Trevor.

After Stevo collapsed during an interview at Citizen TV, Trevor vowed to help him embark on a new journey that would see him generate additional income, since his music isn’t doing him justice, despite his wide recognition.

Eve Mungai’s ex-boyfriend said he would ensure that Stevo Simple Boy follows in the footsteps of Diana Marua.

Nothing substantive happened a month after Trevor made the pledge to help Simple Boy.

When contacted, Trevor said that Simple Boy and people around him turned down his generous offer.

“I reached out to his manager, and he told me he was not the one handling him but his brother. I asked him to give me the number of Stivo’s brother but even his phone was not going through. I told Chingi to tell him to look for me, and he told me that he said he would be the one managing Stivo,” Trevor said.

Adding that; “I never wanted to manage him; I just wanted to support him in terms of content. Since he moved to Kibera, I had no way of contacting him. I cannot look for someone by force to help him.”

Stevo Simple Boy’s brother meanwhile said the rapper does not need any help and that they are the ones managing him now.

“We have some projects in the pipeline scheduled for next week, so fans should look out. It is not that we are ungrateful or proud, but we can manage on our own,” said Simple Boy’s brother.

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