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Sammy Boy Replies To Fan Asking If He’s Still Selling His Derriere After Viral Expose’

“Buttcoin trader vipi?” “I have never seen you with a girl!” Netizens tell Sammy Boy.

Sammy Boy, a “Forex trader” has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Accusations of being a con artist have swirled around this individual, who lives a lavish lifestyle and boasts an expensive Mercedes Benz.

While he insists that he is a genuine Forex trader who earns his wealth through trading and selling bots part-time, Kenyans have been left questioning the legitimacy of his claims.

The controversy escalated when he was exposed on Telegram as his private images were shared leaving the public even more curious about this young Forex expert.

Sammy Boy‘s case is not an isolated incident.

It is part of a larger conversation surrounding Forex traders in Kenya. Many Kenyans are becoming increasingly skeptical of individuals who claim to have made their fortunes through Forex trading.

The allure of quick wealth in the Forex market has led to a surge in interest, with many aspiring traders seeking to enter the field. However, the fine line between legitimate trading and potential scams has raised suspicion among netizens.

A netizen asked Sammy Boy if he’s trading in buttcoin. Sammy Boysammy boy

In response to the allegations, Sammy Boy addressed the public, vehemently denying the claims made against him.

He clarified that he was not involved in “buttcoin” trading and attributed his actions to clout chasing, intended to kickstart his music career.

He further distanced himself from rumors suggesting he was gay, explaining that he had previously sent private videos for monetary gain.

A close friend of Sammy Boy once claimed that he allegedly asks for 10,000 Ksh down payment.

While his response may provide some clarity, it does little to address the doubts and questions surrounding his lifestyle and financial dealings.


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