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Robert Alai Claims Samidoh Was Bribed To Save DJ Fatxo

Controversial DJ Fatxo has spilled the beans on how Samidoh was involved in Jeff Mwathi’s murder case.

Kileleshwa MCA, Robert Alai is not a happy man, he says, “Samidoh has been bribed to save the murderer who is a fellow artists. Nonsense!”

“A suspect is openly bragging how a serving police officer helped him escape murder charges,” he rants with anger.

During an exclusive interview on Radio Jambo, DJ Fatxo offered valuable information about the events that transpired on that fateful day and disclosed the participation of Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, also known as Samidoh, who is both an artist and a police officer in the investigations.

Samidoh, who happens to be the deceased’s nephew, has been actively engaged in the case, as revealed by Fatxo during their interview.

Fatxo disclosed that detectives accompanied Samidoh to his house shortly after Jeff’s demise. Samidoh played a vital role in unraveling the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Jeff’s untimely death.

DJ Fatxo and Jeff MwathiOne perplexing element of the case revolved around the account regarding the window from which Jeff purportedly jumped. Authorities made a request to Samidoh, considering his slender physique, to attempt fitting through the window.

To the surprise of many, Samidoh successfully maneuvered through the narrow opening, intensifying speculation and casting doubt on the original narrative.

The Rise And Rise Of Samidoh, From Dropping Out Of School In Class 7 To Ksh300 Salary To A Multimillionaire

During the interview, Fatxo recounted the incident, stating, “After Jeff’s passing, Samidoh came to my house. The police asked him to try fitting through my window, given his slim build, and he managed to do so.”

The radio interview was emotional and took a heart-wrenching turn as Jeff’s mother was contacted, baring her soul and sharing her poignant perspective on the matter.

With Fatxo being exonerated from the grave accusations of murder by the DCI, Jeff’s mother resolutely declared that her son could not have taken his own life.

She passionately insisted that if Jeff had harbored thoughts of ending his life, he would have chosen their own home.

Her words carried a mixture of anguish and determination as she voiced her frustration, labeling the unfolding narrative as a veil of deception.

Jeff Mwathi's Mother Responds After Being Accused Of Being Paid By DJ Fatxo To Drop Case Against Him “My son, if he had truly contemplated suicide, would have embraced its darkness within the very walls that sheltered him. Why did those who remained at home not come forward to bear witness? It is painfully evident that the truth is being concealed, so palpable even a child could perceive it. There is nothing left for me to say to him (DJ Fatxo). He cannot resurrect Jeff and bring him back to life,” lamented the bereaved mother, her voice heavy with emotion.

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