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“Mimi Ni Mtoto Mdogo” Samidoh Refuses To Be Called “Mubaba Wa Karenzo Na Eddy” Nickname

Samidoh says he does not want to associate himself with the nickname “Mubaba wa Karenzo na Edday!”

Mugithi musician Samidoh has expressed his dislike for being referred to as an older gentleman. Samidoh believes Mubaba misrepresent his youthful spirit.

In response to a fan calling him “Mubaba wa Karenzo na Eddy” he questions why he is being associated with an older generation.

Expressing his bewilderment, Samidoh wonders why he is being labeled with nicknames such as “Mubaba wa Karenzo na Eddy.”

In his view, these nicknames imply an association with a more mature and older persona, which he believes does not align with his youthful energy and creative spirit.

“Mimi mtoto mdogo tu one man guitar nimefika miaka ya kuitwa mbabaz?” (I’m just a young kid, a one-man guitar, why am I being called ‘mbabaz’ at my age?), Samidoh asks.

Samidoh is known for his exceptional guitar skills and soulful voice, has captured the hearts of many music lovers in Kenya and beyond.

His energetic performances and unique blend of Mugithi, Benga, and other genres have established him as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Karen Nyamu has been using the nickname “Mbabaz” to refer to Mugithi musician Samidoh in her social media videos.

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