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Samidoh, Edday Nderitu Chat Publicly For The First Time After Their Ugly Online Separation(Screenshot)

Samidoh and his first wife Edday Nderitu  engaged in a conversation publicly for the first time after their ugly relationship drama that was witnessed a few weeks ago.

The couple engaged in  a short conversation on Facebook after Edday Nderitu shared a throw back photo with her grand parents, while recounting her childhood experience. The mother of three recalled the moment when her grandfather beat her thoroughly for skipping school.

According to her, it is her friend who landed her in the trouble.

“First and foremost I was raised by grandparents & one early morning as I was headed to school by then I was in nursery, I bumped into one of my friends chilling on the road ,my friend asked me that we should wait for our other friend twende shule pamoja.

“Nkaingia box yake tumngoje ,weeh kumbe she was lying hakuwa anataka kwenda shule ,ghafla bin vuu tukichill my grandfather appeared from nowhere and let me tell you maina  ile kichapo nlipata ndio kama ni kichapo cha umbwa the beating is still fresh in my mind but all in all I still love you guka na shosh and appreciate you for raising this STRONG woman that I’ve become , continue resting in peace,” Edday narrated and asked fans to share their experiences.

Among the people who commented on the post is Samidoh. The Mugiithi singer joked saying that Edday was the one who did not want to go to school.

“And Having known you am sure ni wewe ulimuita on your side!” he said.

His wife however responded saying that she is a good girl.

“Am a good gal you know, usijaribu kunichomea,” she said.


The conversation has sparked a lot of reaction with fans suggesting that Samidoh is still in love with Edday. Others concluded that the two have not separated





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