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Mungai Eve Cautions Fans DMing Her Husband At Midnight

Popular digital video creator Mungai Eve has warned her fans not to reach out to her ‘husband’ Director Trevor at midnight when they see him online.

According to her, she will be the one online doing patrols and not Trevor.

“Ukiona bwanangu online saa saba usiku usitext, huyo ni mimi napiga patrol,” Mungai shared on Instagram.


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A fan however took to the comments section saying that Mungai Eve had a husband without certificates to prove that they are married.

“Uko na bwana bila certified documents,” the Instagram user said.

Mungai hit back at him questioning if he was the one in charge of issuing the documents.

“Wewe ndio kiongozi wa documentation ama,” she said.

Despite being a couple, Mungai and Trevor are workmates and they have been very successful in their job.

They celebrated their fifth anniversary in January this year. In her anniversary message, Mungai thanked Trevor for offering her friendship and was grateful that God brought him to her life.

“Today we mark 5 yrs together and all I can say is thank you to God for the far we‚Äôve come. Happy anniversary to the man I want beside me forever in my life @director_trevor. Thank you for being a blessing in my life and offering me a friendship that I have always needed my whole life.

“We‚Äôve had our ups and downs but we‚Äôve stood the test of time, I pray for the love that lasts a lifetime and friendship that never ends. I always thank God for bringing you into my life, you‚Äôre such a blessing and my most outstanding achievement, thank you for always supporting me, believing in me, and pushing me so hard to be the best version of myself. I will love you today and forever,” Eve said in her message





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