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Samidoh Begs Bernice Saroni Not To Expose Things They’ve Done Together

Samidoh has made a public plea to Bernice Saroni, asking her not to reveal anything they may have done together in the past in secret.

Despite Bernice’s insistence that they are just family, Samidoh’s Instagram post suggests they may have done something inappropriate together in the past that he does not want exposed.

He is begging Bernice that if she ever feels compelled to confess, she should only confess her own part and leave him out of it.

The nature of Samidoh and Bernice’s relationship is unclear. When asked how they are related, Bernice did not confirm or deny that they are cousins. She simply stated “Yes we are related. We are family. We know we are family.”

Samidoh posted on Instagram, saying “If we ever did something wrong together and the holy spirit touches you to confess one day…please confess your part only and don’t feature me in your nonsense! Again I say Please @bernicesaroni!”

Bernice denied any romantic involvement with the married Samidoh. She said she is against dating married men and it would be wrong for her to date a family member like Samidoh. Bernice explained that people too quickly assume a man and woman together must be romantically linked.

The vague statements from both Samidoh and Bernice have left many wondering about the true nature of their relationship and what secrets they could be hiding.

Samidoh seems anxious that Bernice may one day reveal compromising information that could damage his reputation but again it could still be a joke to attract attention and hype.


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