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Rose Muhando Heaps Praise On Pastor Ng’ang’a After The Controversial Exorcism 

Rose Muhando reflected on the input of pastor James Ng’ang’a to her life as she celebrated her birthday.

Tanzanian singer lauded people who had stood with her when she was ailing a few years ago as she celebrated her birthday on July 29, 2022.

Among the people that Muhando praised were controversial preachers Lucy Natasha and James Ng’ang’a.

“GOD REMEMBER MY FATHER APOSTLE MAINA NG’ANG’A. You became the main reason for all people to know that I was pregnant, God used you to convey the message of my health to the people, they prayed, and they helped me.

“And without forgetting @revlucynatasha for continuing to pray for me and all the others,” she wrote.

Pastor Ng’ang’a came under criticisms in November 2018 after video emerged online showing him ‘casting out demons’ from Rose Muhando.

The undated video clip emerged online showing the Tanzanian singer appearing to be possessed by ‘demons’.

In the video, controversial pastor Ng’ang’a of is seen ‘exorcising the demons’ from the singer at his church – Neno Evangelism Center.

The clip shows the flamboyant Pastor Ng’ang’a summoning Muhando to the pulpit and starts praying to ‘cast out the demons’ inside her.

While the man of God is doing the exorcism, Muhando who has bandaged right hand, falls to the ground and started rolling with the ‘demons’ in her speaking in what appears to be accusations against Muhando’s former manager Alex Msama for the singer’s miseries.

“Ni meneja wake alitutuma sisi, tukachukua gari zake zote, tukachukua vitu vyake vyote. Na sisi tumemtoa nyumbani sasa asirudi nyumbani, miezi mitatu sasa…” the ‘possessed’ Muhando said.

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