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Rose Muhando Celebrates Victory Over Dark Forces That Nearly Ruined Her Life

Rose Muhando had a troubled past that nearly saw her music career go down the drain.

From clashing with her producers to the controversial exorcism, Muhando has been through it all.

The Tanzanian gospel singer has now released a new song dubbed ‘Secret Agenda’ which is all about triumphing the dark forces such as witchcraft.

In the video, Rose shows a man holding a bowl and standing in water. Her face appears inside the bowl and he gasps.

“There are plans your enemies are planning in the dark, now God is going to reverse the agenda, he is going to turn curses into blessings, sickness to health and prosperity, and poverty to riches.”


“Kuna mipango adui zako wanaipanga gizani kwa Siri, sasa Mungu anakwenda kuipindua Agenda, anakwenda kugeuza laana kuwa Baraka, Magonjwa kuwa Uzima na Ufukara kuwa Utajiri kwa jina la Yesu.”

Muhando further stressed that she shall overcome the dark forces by God’s grace.

“We are fighters. We shall demolish those agendas in Jesus’s Name. Mungu amepindua agenda, adui zangu hawanipati ng’o my stories have gone viral. I am a fighter, my enemies are only left with videos, nitapindua agenda, nitaharibu agenda no retreat no surrender,” she said.

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