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Robert Alai Shares Details About Karen Nyamu Cheating On Samidoh

“The twerking peddler, “Karen Nyamu” amekuwa na lawyer for a whole week,” Robert Alai tells Samidoh.

Kileleshwa MCA, and blogger Robert Alai has decide to fix Samidoh’s home literally. Via social media, the no-nonsense politician claims the Mugithi crooner is useless for breaking his own home, which chasing 44 year old nominated Senator Karen Nyamu.

Alai also, decided to wish and celebrate Edday on her birthday although belated since her husband Samuel chose to snub and ignore her completely.

After claiming Samidoh’s involvement in Jeff Mwathi’s interfered with investigations that led to DJ Fatxo being freed, Alai alleges that Karen Nyamu is already cheating on the 32 year old policeman and musician.

He says,”Huyu mwingine the peddler amekuwa na lawyer fulani in Coast this whole week na you are telling me you are a man when unaimagine hata vile my genitals look like? You are 32 years old and wife amekimbia and the twerking peddler is 44. You are a CONFUSED GIGOLO!”

Edday Nderitu, took to social media recently to share her struggles within their marriage, that has since become a shell with the entry of Karen Nyamu as a co-wife.

In a lengthy post, she expressed that the past three years have been filled with immense pain as she has endured blatant humiliation from the Mugithi star.

Edday revealed her unwavering faithfulness throughout the tumultuous season, but she now finds herself on the verge of breaking point, feeling as though she has no more words to express to God.

Karen Nyamu Confirms Samidoh Is Younger Than Her“Our marriage has spanned exactly 15 years, encompassing both highs and lows. We began with humble beginnings, where even the smallest things brought us joy. However, over the past three years, it has been an incessant cycle of agony,” she said

Despite enduring disrespect, humiliation, and relentless online shame, she conveyed her frustration at being made to appear foolish and having her silence taken advantage of.

Samidoh continues to live his life carefree.

karen nyamu cheating

The origin of Alai and Samidoh latest beef is not yet known, but the two men have decided to wage war online, game on fellas!

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