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Ringtone Denies Links To Ardhi House Land-Grabbing Cartel, Reveals How He Made His Millions

Ringtone has been accused by many people of using Ardhi House mafia to fleece aging citizens of land through corrupt deals.

The controversial singer has been linked severally to land-grabbing cartel that operates from Ardhi House.

Ringtone has been caught up in multiple land grabbing scandals – especially involving property in Runda and Karen.

In 2016, Ringtone made headlines in Kenya and UK when he was accused of grabbling a 5.2-acre parcel of land along Ushirika Road in Karen, Nairobi.

Ringtone has also been accused of grabbing his Runda home where he currently stays. AGN Kamau Advocates issued a notice to Ringtone to vacate the Runda property within 10 days in a letter dated September 28th 2021.

The controversial singer quickly moved to court to fight the eviction notice, he is buying time filing one injunction after another.

Speaking during an interview with Dr. Ofweneke, Ringtone dismissed links to Ardhi House land-grabbing mafia.

The singer insisted that he made his first million from giving motivational speeches in schools where he also sold his VCDs.

“I made a lot of money from high schools and colleges. I used to go to schools and share my testimony and you find that the least I could make was Ksh20,000. There is a school I went to and made Ksh300,000,” Ringtone claimed.

Further, Ringtone says he gets most of his money from brokering land in high-end places in the country disputing links with the money laundering and ‘wash wash’ cartels.

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