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Raila Odinga and Francis Atwoli spotted with a side chick

The Party leader of the Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) Raila Amolo Odinga and the Secretary-General of Central Organisation of Trade Unions(COTU) Francis Atwoli are currently having a breather in Kenya’s coast by the beachside after the vigorous campaign.

A photo of the two respected leaders in their respective fields was taken in one of Francis Atwoli’s houses in Kilifi got Twitter sleuths at it once again.

Kenyans on Twitter(KOT) took a keen interest in the aforementioned photo and after close scrutiny of the photo, they spotted a lass hiding behind a white pillar which has brought forth some mixed reactions from netizens in all corners of Kenya.

Different online sleuths have their own versions and renditions of why the woman hid by the pillar with many getting divided by their opinions.

The majority of netizens are convinced that the woman who hid by the pillar was Raila Odinga’s side chick because her supposed phone was spotted on the right side of Raila Odinga as the thorough online sleuths keenly pointed out.

The picture has people talking with some netizens waiting for RAO or his aides to address the mater which has captured the attention of many netizens.



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