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Pritty Vishy Claims Stevo Simple Boy’s Life Has Become Worse After Their Break Up

Pritty Vishy claims Stevo Simple Boy’s post-breakup life has become worse.

According to her, the once-promising rapper’s life has taken a nosedive since their separation, leaving him in a state worse than before. As an ex who seemingly can’t let go, Vishy took to her Instagram stories to shed light on what she perceives as Stevo’s downward spiral, even divulging details of promises he allegedly made to her during their relationship.

Vishy disclosed that Stevo Simple Boy had made grand promises, including the assurance that her mother would be the first to enjoy a ride in his first car. However, despite her journey to Saudi Arabia and back, she insinuates that Stevo has yet to fulfill these promises, painting a picture of him still struggling to make ends meet.

Stevo Simple Boy, known for his hit song “Mihadarati” and his rise from the Kibera slums to the music scene, has captured the hearts of many with his simplistic yet profound lyrics. His authenticity and being relatable have earned him a dedicated fan base, even as Vishy’s claims cast a shadow on his current situation.

Whether Stevo Simple Boy’s life has indeed taken a turn for the worse post-breakup remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, Pritty Vishy has all the signs of a bitter ex who’s refused to let go and move on netizens say.Pritty Vishy


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