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Photos:Netizens Uncover Instagram Account Linked To Rita Waeni Muendo’s Alleged Killers

“This is the man in the CCTV and the main suspect in the death of Rita Waeni!” Netizens say.

Netizens have taken it upon themselves to investigate the Instagram account allegedly associated with the brutal killing of Rita Waeni Muendo. The two suspects, William Ovie Opia and Johnbul Asibor, both of Nigerian origin, were apprehended in Ndenderu, Kiambu county, and are currently in custody.

Detectives delving into the case have revealed disturbing details about the duo.

Not only were the suspects found to be illegally residing in the country, but one of them possessed an expired passport, while the other lacked any valid documents.

The police also uncovered a chilling array of items during a search of their residence, including a hatchet (axe), an abattoir knife, and a cache of at least six mobile phones and laptops.

As the investigation unfolded, additional distressing developments came to light.

Detectives later confirmed the recovery of a human head from Kiambaa Dam, strongly suspected to belong to Rita Waeni Muendo. The grief-stricken family of the deceased subsequently identified the severed head as that of their kin.

The Instagram account linked to John Bull Asibor, shows a man who resembles the primary suspect captured on CCTV picking up keys at a local grocery store leading to the Airbnb where Rita Waeni was tragically killed, has become a focal point in the ongoing investigation. Disturbingly, the account features photos of Asibor, shedding light on the individual at the center of this heinous crime.

As investigators delve into the digital footprint of the suspect, netizens are intensifying their efforts to scrutinize the content shared on Asibor’s Instagram profile. He is now in proximity to the scene of the crime, and this discovery has heightened public interest in understanding the motives and connections that may have led to the brutal killing of Rita Waeni.

A user on X formerly Twitter called Haaland Sholla tweeted, “Guys ; I think I have managed to ID the full face of the Nigerian white man that was Captured on CCTV In this pic the black guy is Johnbull who was presented to court with William Ovie Opia as the murderers of Rita waeni. By morning we should have a name.”

Netizens have mixed reactions about the light skinned man, with some saying he resembles the one seen in the now viral CCTV as some say he is not the one.

Kenyans are eagerly waiting for the DCI to give updates on the progress in investigations so far.

TRM Airbnb Rita Waeni 2Rita Waeni 2Rita Waeni 2

Rita Waeni 2


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