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Photoshop Generation! Hamisa Mobetto Speaks On Using Filters To Hide Flaws 

Hamisa Mobetto uses makeup and filters to look really appealing in photos posted online, but her natural look is something else.

The mother of two has been trolled multiple times for overusing makeup and filters in photos she shares on social media.

Hamisa looks totally flawless in the pictures she shares online, her skin is glowing like an angel.

The Tanzanian socialite has however denied claims that she is using filters on her photos which she posts online.

In an interview with Tanzanian blogs, she said she does not think filters can completely alter how a person looks.

“I’m very lucky I meet people face to face and they see that I look like my online pictures. Many of them comment that they thought I use filters,” Hamisa said.

She added that;

“Social media is like a field. If you use social media for good, then you will land jobs. If you use it without being strategic then the results are disastrous.”

Hamisa also talked about her upcoming EP.

“I have been in talks with my management about it and next week I will release my EP. It will be my first-ever EP.”

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