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Photos Of Real-Life Goliath Featured In Rose Muhando’s New Music Video

Rose Muhando recently released a new song dubbed ‘Secret Agenda’ in which she featured a giant man as a vixen.

In the new song, the troubled Tanzanian gospel singer celebrates victory over the dark forces that nearly ruined her life. 

Muhando’s video also got netizens talking because of a very tall man called Julius Charles who was featured as a vixen.

Charles identifies himself as ‘ The giant Julius’ on social media.

The real-life Goliath figure was born in the lakeside city of Mwanza to a family of seven children.

Charles, who is the second born in his family, is the only one in his family with the tall genes.

Growing up was not easy for him as he was teased for his height and physical features. He was always suffering from lack of confidence even in school since he looked so different from children his age.

Julius Charles has a height of 7.5ft, wears a shoe size 18, T-shirt XXL, waist size 44.

The 29-year-old faces challenges when it comes to entering buildings, vehicles and buying clothes his own size. People still fear him and some tend to run away when they see him.

Charles’ gigantic stature has also opened doors for him such as education sponsorships, he plays basketball, worldwide recognition as well as jobs.

See his photos below:


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