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Photos Of Otile Brown’s Brand New Range Rover Vogue

Singer Otile Brown has bought himself a luxurious Range Rover Vogue worth millions of shillings.

In 2018, Otile made his first purchase of a Mercedes Benz, which came after facing humiliation from his ex-girlfriend, Vera Sidika. The popular singer and “Dusuma” hit-maker posted a picture of his newly acquired vehicle, accompanied by hashtags including #Karma.

Prior to acquiring this Range Rover, Otile Brown took pride in owning both a Mercedes Benz and a BMW 7 series.

Otile Brown unveiled his first studio album in 2017 titled “Best of Otile Brown.” This remarkable album featured hit singles like “Basi,” “Alivyonipenda,” “Shujaa Wako,” “DeJavu,” and “Aiyolela.”

Throughout the album and after, Otile Brown collaborated with renowned artists including Sanaipei Tande, Barakah The Prince, King Kaka, and many others.

Otile Brown is a talented musician and actor who has become one of the most popular stars in Kenya. He is known for his smooth vocals and his romantic songs, and he has a large and dedicated fan base.

Announcing his new ride, OB says,”Another one! 🗣️New Range Rover Vogue for yours truly bizee! Ambia wakali wako next time tuongee investment .. hii shuhuli ndogo lol! Easyyyy! 🚀!”

Check out his brand new Range Rover Vogue;

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