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Pastor Kanyari Begs King Roso To Send Him 5 Lions Saying He’s Ready To Die Fast

“Wewe King Roso Illuminati, nitumie iyo 50,000 ya lion! Tuma lion tano na uongeze zingine tano, nikitaka kukufa nikufe!” Pastor Kanyari begs.

Pastor Kanyari shocked netizens after begging TikTok’s biggest gifter, King Roso, for five lions saying he’s ready for anything including death.

Kanyari, known for his flamboyant and sometimes scandalous antics, has recently joined the popular social media platform TikTok. His motive according to netizens? To capitalize on the astounding financial support witnessed in the aftermath of the tragic passing of Brian Chira, a TikTok content creator who received over 8 million in donations.

Following Chira’s demise, King Roso emerged as a prominent figure in the philanthropic response, generously contributing over 850,000 towards Chira’s funeral expenses.

The controversial preacher has set his sights on Roso, for monetary assistance begging for five lion gifts with each purportedly valued at 50,000.

Kanyari claims he’s prepared for anything, even death, and believes nothing will happen with the acquisition of these lions even as other pastors say they money will speed his departure from this world.

His peculiar request has sparked a lot of criticism from netizens.

Many are questioning the legitimacy of his intentions, suggesting that the money if received could be tainted with spiritual or even Illuminati influences.

While some view TikTok as a platform for creative expression and community building, others see it as fertile ground for opportunism and exploitation.

Such skepticism is not unfounded, given Kanyari’s history of being embroiled in controversies surrounding his fundraising methods and alleged exploitation of his followers’ faith.


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