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Nyota Ndogo’s Mom Expresses Concerns About Daughter’s Mental Health After She Shaves Her Hair

Nyoto Ndogo shaved her entire body from head to toe saying she couldn’t handle the heat in the Coastal region.

The Coast based decided to go bald to the surprise of everybody, she became a subject of discussion when she posted photos of herself with a completely shaved head.

Nyota Ndogo explained that she decided to go bald following crazy heat wave experienced at the coastal region.

“Nimechoka na nywele mailini nimekata zote mpaka za miguuni tena nimejikwangura na kijembe hii joto hapana (Am tired of hair on my body, I have shaved it all including on my leg using a shaver. I can’t deal with this heat),” said Nyota Ndogo.

The singer’s mother confronted her about her decision to go bald, she expressed her worry about Nyota Ndogo’s mental health.

Taking to social media, Nyota Ndogo said her mother has been stressed out because she interrupted her shaving to silently battling issues.

She revealed that her mom even canceled all her plans and travelled from Mombasa to Voi to go see her.

“Mimi nauliza kuna ubaya gani mtu kuamua kukata nywele zake? Mamaangu amenipigia simu kunigombeza why nakata nywele nikamuuliza kwani mum kunashida gani?hivi mama anaona mimi ninamatatizo amesema yupo njiani anakuja kutoka mombasa.anaona nipo na stress na mimi sina hata matatizo ya akili.(My mother has called me and lectured me because of cutting my hair…I asked her what is the problem with it? She thinks i have a mental problem and she is on her way here. She thinks i am stressed but i am not.)” Nyota Ndogo wrote.


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