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Nonini’s Kenyan Designer Ghosts Him After He Mistakenly Send Him Kshs40,000

Nonini’s Kenya designer has gone silent after he mistakenly send him Kshs43,090 instead of Kshs4,390.

According to him he was pre-occupied and only realized that he had made the error after two days but the designer was not diligent enough to inform him.

Nonini has been working with the designer for a year now and the cash was intended to purchase a domain for the website they were working on.

“So I have worked with him for over 1 year now in multiple projects and recommended him to my friends. I will not shame him by saying his name but follow me. Are you looking???

“Their is a new platform we are building with him and I was to send him Ksh 4390 to buy some plugins for the domain. I was in the middle of Awards preparations etc so I sent him 43,090 by mistake. 😁😁😁 Sabu ya kua busy I realised 2 days later that I had sent 40k,” Nonini narrated on Instagram.

Nonini says he knows the designer well and attempts to reach him have proved futile as he doesn’t respond to his messages.

“I spoke to my designer someone I know, buda kwani hukuona nilituma excess and you could have made me aware and at least urudishe. Dude went silent! Till today 🤣

“Blue ticks etc! Now if it was a stranger the Kenyan term ‘hii imeenda’ applies very well na you count your losses. But it’s sad it’s someone you know and you were about to open a multi million company with him and he F ups because of 40k,” Nonini said.

Despite protecting the designer’s identity, Nonini shared a poster that the designer had made him.



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