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“Nitakufinya Makagare JKIA!” KRG The Don Tells Andrew Kibe

“Wewe Andrew Kibe nitakuuma makei hapo airport mbele ya watu!” KRG the Don promises.

Kenyan musician KRG The Don has addressed controversial content creator Andrew Kibe’s announcement of his return to Kenya, making it clear that he is not taking Kibe’s actions lightly.

KRG has expressed his intention to deal with Kibe for what he perceives as a series of abuses and disrespect in various content videos, where Kibe has given him the moniker “KRG the Donkey.”

In a no-holds-barred response, KRG The Don has indicated that he is ready to confront Kibe over the alleged insults and disrespectful language used against him.

The musician claims that Kibe has crossed a line in his content creation, and he is determined to address the matter directly.

The controversy seems to stem from KRG being referred to as “KRG the Donkey” by Kibe, a derogatory nickname that KRG The Don finds offensive and disrespectful. This public exchange has caught the attention of fans and followers of both personalities, creating a buzz on social media.

KRG The Don, known for his bold and outspoken nature, is not shying away from addressing the issue head-on.

In a video response, he has made it clear that he will not tolerate the alleged mistreatment from Kibe and is prepared to take the matter further to address what he perceives as an attack on his reputation.

As the story develops, fans are closely watching to see how this confrontation between KRG The Don and Andrew Kibe will unfold.


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