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“Nimechoka Kukanyaga Mwiba, Uchungu Umezidi” Stevo Simple Boy’s Manager Opens Up

After collapsing during a live TV show two weeks ago, Stevo Simple Boy revealed that all was not well between him and his manager Chingi Boy Mstado.

In his Insta stories, Stevo urged his manager to go back so that they could continue working together, admitting that his decision to leave him was taking a toll on him.

“Meneja rudi tupige kazi. Nimeishiwa nguvu watu wasitukosanishe. Stress inanipiga mpaka naanguka kwa stage nikiperform. Mnataka kuniharibia meneja,” the distressed rapper said.

Chingi Boy has now taken on social media saying that he was tired of helping someone while he was suffering in the process.

According to him, Stevo’s family and wife were fighting him, yet he did nothing to change the situation.

“Kusaidia mtu hataki kujisaidia pia ni ngumu. Utasaidia mtu ukiumia  yeye ako tu sawa. Napigwa vita na familia na bibi ya mtu aah nimechoka kukanyaga mwiba, uchungu umezidi, nina quit ndio manake,” Chingi Boy said.

Director Trevor had however vowed to help Stevo after the fainting incident. He announced that he was going to introduce the rapper to content creation as an additional source of income.

“Despite garnering widespread acclaim for his music,  Stevo Simple Boy has faced ongoing challenges in sustaining his himself financially in the music industry. Recognizing the need for alternative avenues, and I see it as a strategic decision for him to explore content creation as a means to generate income and connect with his audience in new and innovative ways,” the digital creator said.


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