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“Nilikuwa Namsaidia” Amber Ray Dispels Claims Of Dating Brown Mauzo In The Past

Amber Ray has said that she is no longer beefing with her fellow socialite Vera Sidika.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, Amber said that she stopped beefing with Vera after she opened up on why she hated her.

At the same time, she talked about her upcoming event with Vera’s ex Brown Mauzo  saying that she didn’t plan that with him. The event is scheduled for September 16 in Mwea.

“Hatujabebana. Tuko job. I don’t know honestly, the guy mwenye hio club ako brains. As long as amefika ratecard yangu hata akitaka kubring Vera mwenyewe  I don’t have any problem,”

“I had beef with Vera before but after I said what was inside my heart I am good now. Biashara ni biashara, mi napenda pesa,” she said.

The socialite added that she never met with Mauzo to plan for the business.

“Tutakutana aje, I am a married woman,” she said.

She went ahead to address claims of dating the father of five.

“Kitu ingine watu wanafikiria me and Brown Mauzo we dated. We never dated it was purely business. We have never even kissed,” she said.

According to her Mauzo was just chasing clout with her. Amber also revealed that Mauzo didn’t pay her.

“Nilifanya ile ya kumsaidia. He didn’t afford me,” she said.

She also said she did the same with Willy Paul.



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