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Ngina Kenyatta Publicly Seen With Her Husband Alex Mwai For The First Time After Their Wedding

Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina has been hiding her husband Alex Mwai like ARV medication but recently the two stepped out together.

The former first daughter of Kenya recently turned heads when she attended a wedding with her husbae Alex Mwai.

She walked gracefully alongside Mwai, who remained attentively by her side throughout the event.

Ngina Kenyatta and her husband Sam Mwai

The couple’s bond was evident in their affectionate gestures. Mwai held his wife’s hand tenderly as they strolled through the venue, sharing whispered words and exchanging knowing smiles. Their chemistry painted a picture of enduring love and mutual respect.

Ngina Kenyatta got married to the love of her life Sam Mwai Junior a low key VERY private traditional wedding in 2022.

For starters, Sam Mwai Junior is the son of wealthy and famous sports consultant and Karen Country Club manager Sam Mwai.

Ngina and Sam dated in utmost secrecy until blogger Dennis Itumbi let the cat out of the bag last year.

“The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) agents are reporting Wedding Bells. Congratulations Ngina Kenyatta. Congratulations Sam Mwai Jnr. May Blessings, happiness, and Joy fill your path,” Dennis Itumbi posted in August 2021.

In September same year, Ngina and Sam were blessed with their first child together.

Retired President Uhuru’s only daughter was reported to have given birth on September 16 at a Nairobi hospital.

Itumbi reported on June 19, 2022, that Ngina and Sam ultimately got married nearly a year after he broke news about them dating.

“Ngina Kenyatta, Congratulations on your Traditional Wedding. May God fill your journey with blessings solidify your union with renewed love and importantly grant you a great family. HNIB agents wish you well,” wrote Itumbi.

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