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Netizens Stirred As Sonko’s Daughter, Thickyy Sandra, Flaunts Her Expensive Car Collection

“Ipo siku! Sina hata bicycle ya kushow off!” Netizens say envying Thickyy Sandra and her lifestyle.

Netizens were treated to a glimpse of Sandra Mbuvi, the daughter of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, famously known as Thickyy Sandra as she showcased her impressive car collection on 2Mbili’s celeb ride show on YouTube.

Sandra, affectionately known as Thickyy Sandra, paraded an enviable array of luxury vehicles, including a sleek Mercedes Benz, a stylish Convertible, and Range Rover.

The young socialite appeared to revel in the attention, showcasing each vehicle with pride. However, this display of opulence didn’t escape the discerning eyes of the online community.

While some netizens couldn’t help but marvel at Sandra’s extravagant lifestyle, expressing admiration for her taste in automobiles, others took a critical stance.

Accusations of flaunting her father’s wealth were hurled at Sandra, with some claiming that her showcase was an unnecessary display of privilege.

Envy and admiration blended in the comment sections, creating a virtual battleground of opinions. Some praised Sandra for her achievements and independence, arguing that she had the right to enjoy the fruits of her family’s success.


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