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Netizens React To Video Of Kinuthia When He Was A ‘Man’ Before Becoming A Diva

“Kabla ajue utamu wa njwang’a!” “Kabla aanze kunukisha screen za simu zetu shonde!” “Before ajue exit inaweza kuwa entrance!” Netizens comment on viral video of Kinuthia.

Netizens recently reacted to a throwback video of Kinuthia when she still presented herself with masculine energy. The video sparked various comments from online users, showcasing a mix of support and skepticism towards Kinuthia’s portrayal.

“Before he knew the exit, could be an entrance!” said one netizen. Another added humorously, “Before he knew the sweetness of njwang’a!”

Kinuthia has often faced assumptions about his sexual orientation due to his cross-dressing and demeanor on camera.

However, in an interview with Mungai Eve, Kinuthia clarified that portraying female characters in videos is part of his work and enjoyment, not an indication of his sexual identity.

While Kinuthia acknowledges his male gender, he adamantly defends his right to continue playing female roles, citing it as integral to his career and livelihood.

“I’m a man,” he affirmed, “but I won’t stop doing what I do just because some people misunderstand me. This is what has brought me success,” he said.

Kinuthia also mentioned benefiting from his female persona, securing jobs for advertisements featuring women’s clothing and cosmetics.


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