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“Ujana Ni Moshi!” Netizens React To New Video Of Now Saved Singer Amani

From bad boy to bwana asifiwe! Amani did a song with Nyashinski years ago and many are now shocked she’s become more of a preacher.

Singer Amani, once known for her secular music under Ogopa Deejays, has emerged with a newfound purpose as a preacher, leaving netizens astonished and intrigued.

Amani, who collaborated with Nyashinski on the song “Bad Boy” many years ago, has undergone a remarkable transformation, now embracing a spiritual journey and now calling herself “Amani Gospel.”

Netizens have been buzzing with reactions to a recent video featuring the artist sharing insights into her profound change and spiritual awakening. The shift from the persona of a “bad boy” vibes to one who now praises God has left many in disbelief of her transformation.

In the video, Amani speaks eloquently about her evolution, emphasizing that she has come to understand that God’s plan surpasses all human intentions and blueprint. With a matured perspective that comes with age and wisdom, Amani expresses gratitude for her spiritual awakening, acknowledging that the divine plan takes precedence over individual aspirations.

The former secular artist now places a significant emphasis on obedience to God’s will. She passionately advocates for following the guidance of a higher power, underlining the importance of aligning one’s actions with divine instructions.

Amani’s journey from the glitz and glamour of secular music to a more spiritual path has left netizens saying that age is like smoke, as years go, one matures both physically and also spiritually.

Netizens, familiar with her previous musical, have been quick to share their shock and encouragement for her newfound calling, celebrating the artist’s evolution.

Now in her 40s, Amani continues to live her newfound life, singing praise and worship to please God.

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