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“Why Are You Gay?” Netizens React As Mbosso Dresses In A Leso Like A Coasterian

In the world of music, artists are known for their ability to adapt and experiment with various styles, both in their music and their fashion choices. One such artist who recently caught the attention of netizens for his bold fashion statement is the Tanzanian singer, Mbosso. In his latest Wasafi Festival show, the Bongo Flava sensation stepped out in a lesson, an attire reminiscent of the Coasterian culture, sparking reactions from his fans and followers.

Mbosso is no stranger to making headlines with his music and fashion choices. With a growing international fanbase, he has become a trendsetter, and his latest fashion choice after he wore a dera is making people feel he’s communicating some agenda.

The singer can be seen donning a traditional Coasterian outfit the lesso, complete with a kofia. The outfit, characterized by its unique, intricate embroidery, pays homage to the rich culture and traditions of the Coast region of Tanzania.

A while back,as reported by Mbosso found himself in the spotlight for an unusual fashion choice while performing at the Wasafi Festival held in Mbeya, Tanzania. The singer’s decision to step out in a yellow dera, white sneakers, and white sunglasses left fans puzzled, prompting questions.

mbosso in a deraWhen asked about his fashion statement during the festival, Mbosso responded, admitting that he wouldn’t advise men to dress in a similar manner in their everyday lives.

He replied, “Mtaani nitagombana na watu,” meaning, “I would argue with people on the streets.”

He went on to clarify that his outfit was specifically chosen for the stage performance, emphasizing the need for creativity and uniqueness in his craft.


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