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Netizens React As ‘Mali Safi Chito’ Singer Marakwet Daughter Claims She’s A Virgin

“Niko virgin cha ukweli, niko virgin kabisa, kwani hamusikii?” Marakwet Daughter says.

Marakwet Daughter, the artist behind the popular song “Mali Safi Chito” has stirred mixed reactions among Kenyans with her surprising claim of being a virgin.

In a video shared by the artist, she confidently declares, “Niko virgin, Eeeh, niko virgin cha ukweli, Niko virgin kabisa, kwani hamusikii?” (“I am a virgin, yes, I am truly a virgin, I am completely a virgin, don’t you hear?”).

The revelation has sparked a range of responses from netizens across the country, considering Marakwet Daughter’s rising fame due to her hit song, which has become a favorite, particularly at wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies across the country.

Kenyans had mixed emotions, unsure whether the singer’s statement is to be taken seriously or if it was made in jest to clout chase for views and more attention.

This uncertainty is as a result of her previous disclosure that she was married for five years.

Reports suggest that she entered into matrimony at the tender age of 16, driven by a desire to escape poverty. However, the marriage turned chaotic, marked by abuse, leading to its dissolution in 2021.

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