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“Tutarudiana!” Netizens Convinced Samidoh’s Latest Love Poem Is A Dedication To Edday Nderitu

Samidoh’s love poem video speaks about true love that stands a test of time and distance.

Samidoh, the celebrated Kenyan Mugithi artist, has stirred the curiosity of his fans and followers when he shared a love poem video on his Instagram stories. The video portrayed the story of two soulmates who, despite facing life’s challenges and circumstances that led to their separation, remain hopeful of reuniting in the future.

The intriguing aspect was that the video’s title, “If the love is real!” added a layer of speculation, with netizens convinced that this poetic gesture was dedicated to Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu.

The scenarios depicted in the video spoke to the challenges faced by a couple deeply in love. These challenges tested their bond, yet the power of love remained unshaken.

As the video explained, time has the capacity to heal all wounds, eventually leading to the possibility of reuniting, something many netizens hope will happen for Samidoh and Edday.

The dynamics between Samidoh and his wife, Edday Nderitu, has been under the public spotlight, particularly since Edday’s relocation to the United States with her children. She shared that her decision to move overseas was motivated by her children’s well-being and her own mental health. Edday explained that this step became necessary after Samidoh gave attention to Karen Nyamu, with whom he shares a young family.

Edday made it clear that she was not willing to share Samidoh with Karen, emphasizing her commitment to their relationship and family. Samidoh and Edday share a family, and their love story has been through its fair share of trials and tribulations.Netizens Convinced Samidoh's Love Poem Is a Dedication to Edday Nderitu

The love poem shared by Samidoh, accompanied by the title “If the love is real!” has prompted speculation among netizens. Many are convinced that the heartfelt words in the video reflect Samidoh’s longing for reconciliation with Edday.

The love poem’s cryptic title have added an intriguing layer to the ongoing narrative of his relationship with Edday Nderitu. While challenges and circumstances have tested their love, the video suggests that Samidoh holds onto the hope of a future reunion.


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