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“Hii Imeenda!” Netizens Claim Samidoh And Zari Hassan Look Cute Together

“Karen Nyamu shauri yako!” Netizens says as a photo of Samidoh and Zari Hassan posted by the singer goes viral.

Netizens are abuzz with excitement over a photo shared by Kenyan artist Samidoh, featuring him hanging out with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

As Karen Nyamu is away representing Kenya in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) games, social media has been set ablaze with claims that Samidoh and Zari look undeniably cute together.

The photo, posted by Samidoh, captures a moment between the two public figures, sparking a flurry of comparisons between Zari Hassan and Karen Nyamu.

Some netizens have even gone so far as to declare Zari as the hotter of the two, igniting a virtual debate over the artists’ romantic affiliations.

This unexpected pairing comes on the heels of a recent viral video in which Samidoh hinted at being “somehow single.”

The cryptic statement left fans speculating about the status of his relationship with Karen Nyamu, fueling rumors that there might be trouble in paradise.

“This evening, I am honored to have had an amazing opportunity performing for Women in Business Kenya. It was great to witness great women being awarded for their excellence in business and had great interactions!” wrote Samidoh.


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