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Netizens Call Out Mike Mondo For Posting His Girlfriend’s Kids Yet He’s Not Their Father

Mike Mondo is currently dating Shiko Nguru, a single mother of three.

Classic 105 FM radio host Mike Mondo faced criticism from KOX after posting a photo of his current girlfriend, Shiko Nguru’s children on social media. Shiko Nguru shares kids with creator Rama, widely known as Ramzzy on X, with whom she has separated.

KOX, did not shy away from expressing their opinions, and have called out Mike Mondo for sharing the photo without obtaining consent from Rama, the father of the children. The incident resulted in Mike Mondo deleting the photo, igniting discussions among netizens about the appropriate boundaries when it comes to showcasing a partner’s children from a previous relationship.

Shiko Nguru and Ramzzy’s separation seems to have brought up questions about the responsibilities and considerations that new partners should uphold when dating individuals with children from previous relationships.

The incident has triggered a broader conversation on social media about the ethical and respectful posting of photos involving a partner’s kids.

The public debate reflects differing opinions on whether new partners should seek permission from the biological parent before sharing images of their children online. It also raises questions about the potential impact of such actions on the children involved and the importance of respecting their privacy.

One thing KOX and many netizens agree on is: Mike Mondo can post Shiko Nguru as many times as he wishes even if it’s after every hour; but he should seek consent from Rama when it comes to posting his kids on social media.

Mike Mondo and Shiko’s relationship shows the complexities and sensitivities involved in navigating personal relationships, particularly when children from previous relationships are part of the equation.


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