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“Napenda Bahati” Kajala Confesses Her Love For Diana Marua’s Husband

Frida Kajala disclosed this while speaking to bloggers. She’s on her tour in Kenya to attend a charitable and dinner event.

Kajala’s reveals Kenya is her second home. She stated that she intendeds to personally meet some of her fans in the 254 and had arranged for a meet and greet event.

When asked about her relationship with Harmonize after their separation, Kajala chose not to comment, affirming that it was inconsequential at the point.

Kajala clarified that months have gone by since she parted ways with the artist, rendering the question irrelevant.

The circumstances surrounding Harmonize and Kajala’s post-breakup relationship remain undisclosed as both parties have chosen to maintain silence.

Harmonize's Former Signee Narrates How The Singer Battered Kajala Causing Their Breakup

Kajala confirmed that she isn’t involved in any romantic relationship at the moment and had no intention of pursuing one, even if presented with the opportunity.

The actress was also questioned about Mista Champagne, a singer who dedicated a whole song to her, expressing his affection. However, Kajala clarified that they are just friends.

Fridah Kajala Masanja

According to Kajala, she admired the song dedicated to her, and expressed her fondness for it.

Additionally, she appreciated the artist’s affection and reiterated that they were good friends.

Kajala also says she loves Bahati and his songs. He’s her favorite Kenyan artist.


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